Welcome to Banáan!

BANÁAN is a Pangasinan word which means “meeting place.” In this light, the Banáan Pangasinan Provincial Museum stands as a place of convergence where robust multicultural influences of the past embrace the present and guide the future.

The Banáan Pangasinan Provincial Museum manifests a solid foundation of Pangasinan’s valuable cultural heritage. This museum serves as a doorway to the past that preserves the historical, cultural, and artistic treasures that have shaped the identity of the people. It is rightfully housed in the historic Casa Real, located in the heart of Lingayen, the capital town of the province of Pangasinan.

The provincial museum is a collaborative effort between the Provincial Government of Pangasinan and various cultural institutions, with the primary goal of preserving and promoting the province’s cultural legacy.

The Banáan Pangasinan Provincial Museum features eleven (11) galleries that showcase the story of Pangasinan as a convergence point for culture, history, arts, education, and innovation. One of its features is the Asin Gallery which is dedicated for changing exhibits that will feature different art, culture, and history depending on the theme and season. The gallery is also an opportune platform to feature local artists and artisans, as well as notable personalities and their contributions in Pangasinan.

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